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Who We Are

The Boston Weekly Magazine is where we revive the spirit of a cherished literary tradition in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. With great excitement and dedication, we breathe new life into this esteemed publication, infusing it with fresh perspectives, contemporary voices, and a renewed commitment to the power of words.

Our Aim

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of the original Boston Weekly Magazine, our mission is to reimagine its legacy for a modern era. We honor the literary giants who have graced its pages in the past, while embracing the ever-evolving landscape of literature and creative expression.

As we embark on this exciting journey, our aim is to be a platform for emerging writers, established authors, and creative thinkers alike. We seek to curate a diverse and vibrant collection of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and reviews that captivate, challenge, and inspire our readers.

Our Services

The Boston Weekly Magazine holds a special place in the literary landscape of Boston. Through its relaunch, we pay homage to its historical significance while adapting to the digital age, reaching wider audiences, and fostering a global literary community.

In our pages, you will find a tapestry of narratives that explore the complexities of our modern world. We delve into themes of social justice, identity, culture, and the human condition. From thought-provoking literary critiques to evocative prose that tugs at the heartstrings, we aim to create an immersive reading experience that resonates with readers of all backgrounds.

We are thrilled to provide a platform where creativity thrives, ideas flourish, and the power of storytelling connects us in profound ways. Through our relaunched digital presence, we invite you to engage with our vibrant community, share your own literary contributions, and join us in celebrating the enduring relevance of the written word.

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As we embark on this new chapter of the Boston Weekly Magazine, we invite you to be a part of our literary revival. Together, let us build bridges of understanding, challenge the status quo, and create a space where imagination knows no bounds.

Welcome to the Boston Weekly Magazine, where tradition meets innovation, where the written word continues to ignite hearts and minds, and where the power of literature shapes our collective narrative.